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Using Cloaked to: Send the First Text with Privacy

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TXT, SMS, Text, a message? Whatever you choose to call a text message can be easily sent via the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard or Cloaked App. 

All you need is a Cloaked Identity with a phone number assigned to it, your recipient's number, and a witty message to send to them. Best of all these messages are sent and received via Cloaked two-way-routing so your privacy is maintained at all times.

Sending a Text from the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard

If you want to send a text via the website select the Compose Message button on the left side. In the From field enter the name of the Cloaked Identity you wish the message to be sent from then in the To field that will appear enter the recipient's phone number. Once you've done that write your message as normal and use the Up Arrow to send the message.

TextDB - Made with Clipchamp.gif

You can alternatively click into the desired identity from the dashboard and compose from a specific identity:

Sending a Text from the Cloaked App

Go to the Cloaked Identity tab, then select the Cloaked Identity you would like to text as. Tap on the Cloaked number, then select Text From (cloaked number), and in the To prompt enter the recipient's number then tap on Next. You'll see a prompt titled Send a secure text tap on Next then tap on Send using Messages (or whichever SMS/Text client is your default) then write your message as normal and send it.

Note: the text is written in your phone's native messaging app but the message will be sent and routed via Cloaked two-way-secure-routing. You can learn more about how this works here.



Having issues? Check out our troubleshooting guide here.

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