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Using Cloaked to: Call a friend and see the magic of Cloaked Numbers!

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Calling with Cloaked? How do I do that?

Show the power of Cloaked by calling a friend from the Cloaked app and watch the surprise on their faces when the number that pops up is not your number but it is you on the other end of the call!

With Cloaked our call routing systems allow you to make and receive calls like normal without your actual number being disclosed to the recipient on the other end.

In this video example below shows the call making process within Cloaked:


The full guide can be found here, but the quick version is to:

  • Make sure you have a forwarding number enabled
  • Generate an identity and a phone number within that identity
  • Make sure forwarding is on for this identity
  • Click on the phone number to Call As that number
  • Enter the recipient on the app

This will generate for you a new, secure routing number that you will call. Call this number and watch the magic happen!

Why are there so many numbers?

If you called the recipient directly, they'd just see your number - that's not very Cloaked! Cloaked's secure routing technology allows you to use your regular number, and call the recipient directly, but have the incoming call appear as from the Cloaked Identity phone number.

It does this by making a 4th number, called a routing number, that uniquely links your forwarding number to the intended recipient by only letting them see the Cloaked Number.


You can learn more about this process here. We also support the same functionality for Emails as well!

These technologies and systems allow Cloaked users to ensure their communications are secure and kept private.

What next?

Check out some other of our guides on How to Use Cloaked!

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