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Using Cloaked to: Sign up for that sketchy website or mailing list

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Sketchy websites?

When using various sites or services online you are bound to come across a site that may contain useful information, software, or material but may not be 100% secure or trustworthy. You may already have some sites in mind that you have been meaning to try out. In these instances, Cloaked can help you with this. 

Visit the website as you would normally do so and when you go to create your account use Cloaked to generate a unique and individual Cloaked Identity to protect you and your privacy from these sites.

Signing up and creating the Cloaked Identity

In this example, we will be using a website that collates vintage Macintosh software. Due to the nature of the site, this contains a lot of user/community-sourced uploads and is run by individuals rather than a larger organization so may not have all the latest and best security enabled at this time.

The steps and processes described can also be used if you wish to join a mailing list about a cause or charity you are passionate about but might not always want to receive countless emails and updates in your inbox.

Simply create a Cloaked Identity for the cause in question and assign it an email address and that way you can still receive all their latest news and updates without cluttering up your personal inbox.

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Why does this matter?

If you don't Cloak your personal info, it provides several vectors of vulnerability:

  • If the website you provide your info mistreats it, you could be hit with spam, scams, or any vulnerabilities associated with the entire internet having access to this info.
  • If this site suffers a breach or is a malicious entity, they can potentially gain vectors to access/attack your information on other sites.
  • If your personal info is breached elsewhere, it can be used to attack this site and your account within it.
  • Your personal information is a way to get to you, your family, and your entire online presence. You don't want it falling in the wrong hands.

Learn more about the importance of Keeping it Cloaked here.

What next?

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