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Using Cloaked to: Clean up your personal email addresses

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Got a few too many emails?

Still have your old childhood email address? Something so bad you just don’t want to share? Or so cringe you’d rather not be known from your MSN days? Not quite sure you want to give up that old email just yet?

Or are you simply using 5 emails to manage different types of accounts or communications?

Cloaked can trim you down to one

Not to worry! Cloaked has you covered! For the emails you want to sunset, you can take some pretty easy steps:

  • Take any online accounts that are associated with this email and replace them with other credentials (more on that below)
    • Start with the ones you know
    • Search any existing password manager or browser password storage to see if there are others
  • Search for any emails with the words "Sign Up" or "Unsubscribe" in your inbox. This can help you identify any uses for this email you might not be aware of!
  • Reach out to anyone who uses that email address and give them a new one - Cloaked or otherwise!
  • Generate a Catch-All Cloaked identity and Set an auto-reply to the inbox informing people that your new email address is This will catch any stragglers who are real people and allow them to reach you while bots will likely be thwarted.

Replacing your account details with Cloaked ones

With Cloaked you can automate replacing your old email addresses and details with AutoCloak which will automatically login to your existing accounts and update them with Cloaked details. Giving you more time to enjoy your day without worrying about account updates.

If you want to update your accounts manually you can do this with Cloaked as well! This can be done manually via the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard or App or using the Cloaked Extension. You can find out more about how to do this here.

Now you're clean!

You can go ahead and stop checking the sunsetted emails, or maybe keep about for nostalgia! Maybe check it once in a while but you rest easy knowing you no longer have to cringe when giving out your email address!

Best of all you’re in control of your email and who has it (or not). Reducing your online footprint and taking back your privacy online!

Why does this matter?

If you don't Cloak your personal info, it provides several vectors of vulnerability:

  • If the website you provide your info mistreats it, you could be hit with spam, scams, or any vulnerabilities associated with the entire internet having access to this info.
  • If this site suffers a breach or is a malicious entity, they can potentially gain vectors to access/attack your information on other sites.
  • If your personal info is breached elsewhere, it can be used to attack this site and your account within it.
  • Your personal information is a way to get to you, your family, and your entire online presence. You don't want it falling in the wrong hands.

Learn more about the importance of Keeping it Cloaked here.

What next?

Check out some other of our guides on How to Use Cloaked in our Support Centre!

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