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Using Cloaked to: Limit your OS tracking you!

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With modern operating systems data collection is the norm. In some operating systems, it's almost impossible to get into the OS without needing to set up and create an online account. With Cloaked you can easily create a new Cloaked email address, spin up a new account, and get on with your day.

With Cloaked you can keep your privacy secure without worrying that your operating system is collecting data on you, whilst also allowing you to use all the features of your OS without giving up your privacy in the process.

Create a new account using Cloaked

If you already have a computer up and running (or the Cloaked App) go through the sign-up process as you would normally, and the Cloaked Extension will prompt you to create a username, password, and email address. Cloaked will save these details for you so you don't need to worry about remembering which password is which.


If you need to create a new Cloaked Identity before you can get to a web browser on your new computer you can use the Cloaked App to create a new Cloaked Identity which you can then use for the account creation process or use another computer to do this.

If you are unsure on how to create a new Cloaked Identity we've got you covered in this guide.

Why does this matter?

If you don't Cloak your personal info, it provides several vectors of vulnerability:

  • If the website you provide your info to mistreats it, you could be hit with spam, scams, or any vulnerabilities associated with the entire internet having access to this info.
  • If this site suffers a breach or is a malicious entity, they can potentially gain vectors to access/attack your information on other sites.
  • If your personal info is breached elsewhere, it can be used to attack this site and your account within it.
  • Your personal information is a way to get to you, your family, and your entire online presence. You don't want it falling in the wrong hands.

Learn more about the importance of Keeping it Cloaked here.

What next?

Check out some other of our guides on How to Use Cloaked in our Support Center!

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