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Using Cloaked to: Sign up for dating apps without fear

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Looking for a partner?

Dating is hard! Meeting new people, the romance, the heartbreak!

But keeping your privacy secure shouldn't be hard, so let Cloaked be your wingman. With Cloaked you can create a Cloaked Identity for the dating site or app of your choosing ensuring your personal details are secure and kept private all in a a few taps of your finger!

Best of all, when it comes time to exchange numbers Cloaked can help! Generate a Cloaked Identity for your date knowing that your personal number won't be exposed and if the conversation grows dull you can delete that Cloaked Identity (and number) in a matter of seconds!

Worried about a catfish?

It can be scary to exchange personal info with a stranger on the internet, even if you met them with hopes of love. Send your matches Cloaked info in case Albert turns out to be AI-bot!

Signing Up for the accounts using Cloaked

Cloaked allows you to easily sign up for a new dating profile without having to put your personal details at risk. If things don't work out you can delete the account in a matter of seconds, and the app will never know it was you.

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So in case big tech wants to sell all your romantic preferences, they won't even know who you are!

Why does this matter?

If you don't Cloak your personal info, it provides several vectors of vulnerability:

  • If the website you provide your info mistreats it, you could be hit with spam, scams, or any vulnerabilities associated with the entire internet having access to this info.
  • If this site suffers a breach or is a malicious entity, they can potentially gain vectors to access/attack your information on other sites.
  • If your personal info is breached elsewhere, it can be used to attack this site and your account within it.
  • Your personal information is a way to get to you, your family, and your entire online presence. You don't want it falling in the wrong hands.

Learn more about the importance of Keeping it Cloaked here.

What next?

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