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What are the Communication Settings and Forwarding Settings for Cloaked Identities?

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All Cloaked identities have two sets of settings for all channels of communication: Communication Settings and Forwarding Settings. This article and video will explain what those settings control and how they can be adjusted at both an Individual Identity level and at a Global Default level for your entire Cloaked Account.

Video Guide

In this video, we go over the process of adjusting your call and texting forwarding settings to help eliminate spam reaching your Cloaked Inbox.



You can manage these settings either when creating the identity or at a later time within an existing identity.

Communication Settings:

The communication settings allow you to control who can send communications to this identity by default. You can select Calls, Texts, or Emails to either have unrestricted access or to default block new contacts trying to reach you unless you specifically approve this contact.

Request Approval/Blocked: 

Any new communications to this identity through the selected channel will require approval by you to reach you. This means that if someone tries to contact you, the communication will not automatically be delivered:


If you have the settings set to unrestricted, anyone who contacts you (texts in this example), will be able to reach you:

Keep in mind that with either setting any contacts that you already have for this identity will always be able to reach you.

Forwarding Settings

Forwarding settings can also be controlled for calls, emails, and texts individually. This allows you to control if you want communications to this identity through these channels to be stored only in the Cloaked app, or be forwarded directly to a personal e-mail or personal phone number.

Forwarding on:

When you set an e-mail to be forwarded, it means that it will be forwarded to the e-mail inbox of your choice:

One important thing to note is that phone calls via Cloaked require a forwarding phone number, so it is essential to enable forwarding for calls for any identity you plan to make or take phone calls from.

Forwarding off:

If you set forwarding to be off then they will only be delivered in the Cloaked app.

Use Cases

Some examples of the ways that these settings can be used is if you are trying to set up an identity for verification texts for a website you would potentially want to set texts to allow unrestricted access and set other details to request approval and not turn on forwarding.

Conversely, if you are setting up an identity for some sort of delivery app, you would likely want to set calls to allow unrestricted and turn on forwarding for those phone calls so that if any delivery driver is trying to reach you, they'll be able to call you and reach you directly while still maintaining your privacy.

All of these details can be controlled similarly in the desktop dashboard at the identity level. They can also be controlled at the overall level, but please keep in mind that the overall settings for these settings function as defaults for new identities and do not impact any existing identities.

Finally, if an important identity starts to receive spam, we recommend ignoring the identity and setting all new communications to blocked/request approval.



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