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Who sent me this email/text? What Identity did they send it to?

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Cloaked was designed to give you complete control over your communications. Part of this power, aside from complete communication control, is being able to identify which of your Cloaked Identities received a given communication.

If you give a Cloaked Phone Number to a Real Estate Agent, and then that number is texted by a car insurance company, you probably don't want to trust that text message!

To that end, Cloaked makes it easy to see which of your identities was contacted so you can be sure the sender, content, and correct identity match up for maximum safety.


When viewing a communication in the inbox, you can select yourself as the recipient in the inbox to open the identity view.

For text messages, you can select the same area:



For texts on mobile, you can click through the banner at the top of the screen and proceed through "View [Name] Identity"

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