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Sending A Message From The Cloaked Desktop Dashboard

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To send messages from your Cloaked you will need the following setup and in-place.

  • Cloaked Account (Trial or Paid)
  • At least one Cloaked Identity with Email Address Or Phone Number
  • Recipients Phone Number or Email Address

Sending A New Email

  1. Click Compose located in the top right of your Dashboard 
    Screenshot 2023-11-17 182412.png

  2. In the To field start typing the name of the Identity you wish to send the message from. Once the right one appears Click on the Identity itself to confirm.
    Note: If you do not confirm/click the sender details the From and Message Body elements will not appear.
    Recording 2023-11-17 182706.gif

  3. Type the recipient's email address as you would normally then click either below the To box or press the return key on your keyboard.
    Recording 2023-11-17 182945.gif

  4. Enter your email Subject, then you can go ahead and compose your message as normal.
    Recording 2023-11-17 183033.gif

  5. If you wish to attach a file the paperclip icon in the lower left will allow you to attach files to the email.
    Recording 2023-11-17 184232-Att.gif

  6. To send select the Up arrow in the lower right of the compose window.
    Recording 2023-11-17 184308Send.gif

Replying To An Email

  1. Click Emails below the Inbox heading in the left-hand side menu.
    Screenshot 2023-11-17 203950.png

  2. In the middle column scroll until you find the email you wish to reply to, and click on the message.
    Screenshot 2023-11-17 204417.png

  3. In the lower right will be the Compose Button/Window Click on this and it will open the editor.

  4. To send your reply click the Up arrow in the lower right of the compose window.
    Screenshot 2023-11-17 210000.png

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