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Exploring the Data Deletion Dashboard

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Exploring your Cloaked Data Deletion Dashboard

Your Cloaked Data Deletion Dashboard gives you an overview of the progress of your Data Deletion requests. From a glance, you can see how many records have been removed and the status of any removal requests that are currently in progress.

Accessing Cloaked Data Deletion

To access Cloaked Data Deletion you'll need to login into your Cloaked Account via the Cloaked Website or by going to: you'll need your Cloaked Credentials to login into the account. Additionally, you can monitor and access Data Deletion via the Cloaked App.

On Desktop

Once you are at the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard Home Page on the left-hand side of your screen in the menu you will see an option for Data removal. Additionally, on the Home Page of the Dashboard, you'll see the status of your Data Deletion.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 12.49.22 PM.png

On Mobile

To access Data Deletion and see the status of your request you'll need to tap on the Home button within the Cloaked App. Under the Generate New section, you'll see the status of your Data removal request.



Total records removed: removed is the running total of the number of "records" that have been removed in the entire lifetime of your Cloaked Data Deletion enrollment. We will periodically scan the entire list of data brokers that we have, and if we detect one of the brokers has data on you and successfully remove it, we will denote it here. There records can range in what information is removed, and multiple records can be removed from the same data broker.

Days Protected: shows the number of days you've been enrolled in Cloaked Data Deletion.

Removal Log

In progress: For any scans + removals currently in progress, this displays the number of data brokers we are currently submitting a request with.

Completed: is the number of brokers scans in the current scan that have been completed (either no records have been found, or records were found and removed).



Action required?

Occasionally, certain brokers will require your action to finalize a removal request. In this instance, simply follow the instructions as described to keep your info off the web!

Need further help with Cloaked Data Deletion?

If you need to make changes or have any questions about Cloaked Data Deletion, please just chat with us at the bottom right of your screen for any support.

We're always happy to help and want to ensure you have a seamless experience with Cloaked.

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