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Frequently Asked Questions about Data Deletion

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We'd love to answer questions you have about Data Deletion! If you ever want to reach us, don't hesitate to chat with us via the widget at the bottom right or email us at!

I signed up for Cloaked Data Deletion: what Next?

Now that your data is being actively monitored and removed from public data brokers, you can focus on protecting your privacy by keeping your personal info safe. You've seen how publicly available From then on, it's a question of active privacy. We have given you a fresh start, and as you continue to utilize Cloaked, you have all the tools to ensure that you never end back on these lists. And if you do, don't worry! We'll be hear to make sure it gets removed whenever we find it again.

How do I know it worked? Is there a dashboard?

When you first subscribe, our custom team of bots and people will begin submitting requests on your behalf to have this data remove from various data brokers. You can find updates on this process on mobile and on dashboard via the Data Removal tab:

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 12.43.40 PM.png

The requests will be submitted within 14 business days of your subscription but the actual action based on the request can vary in timeline.

Why do you need my personal info (like phone number) for this?

When you perform a search, Cloaked scans a variety of known, public data brokers that have compiled information about you from sources on the internet. Based on your provided phone number, we are compiling a report of information that exists in these sources to:

  • Best inform you about what information is currently available
  • Provide a summary of the current state of your Online Privacy
  • Help remove this information

We do not store or share any of your personal information as a part of this initial free and confidential search of your digital footprint.

Do you store my info?

As previously mentioned, during the initial "Search" phase of your Cloaked journey, you may not decide to subscribe. As such, we only store your personal information for as long as you are on the page.

However, should you decide to subscribe and ask us to submit data deletion requests on your behalf, we will store your data for this purpose. You can learn more about our privacy policy and terms of service here:

Why do you need so much info?

In order to make sure we're deleting data for the correct person! Don't want to accidentally delete data on behalf of the prior owner of a phone number or someone with the same name!

I put my info in wrong... What do I do now?

Let us know! Chat with us via the widget at the bottom right or email us at so we can help you.

Why do I need to subscribe?

Unfortunately, as we work tirelessly to protect you from these brokers and their wide nets, they work equally hard to gather information about you. As such, a Cloaked subscription with data deletion accomplishes three main things for those concerned about their information being readily available online:

1. We will routinely monitor these brokerages and constantly stamp out info as they collect it

2. We provide up to 1 million dollars in identity theft insurance and have experts on hand to help you retain your privacy (Chat with us at the bottom right if you have any questions!)

3. With your Cloaked subscription, you get access to a full Cloaked account allowing you to cloak your most important pieces of personal information online and in person. Emails, phone numbers, and (soon) even credit card information can all be masked so you can live your life without fear.

I don't get it... why wouldn't I do this?

Honestly, great question! When you purchase a subscription to Cloaked Data Deletion, you not only remove vulnerable repositories of identifying information about you but also get access to a litany of tools to help protect you proactively.

Data brokers have little incentive to protect your privacy or any information about you, and there's very few instances where it is beneficial to have your info in these services. If you have any additional questions along those lines, don't hesitate to reach out!

You might already have a service for data deletion, but we intend to do it better and cheaper than any competitors on the market!

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