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Data Deletion? How does that work!

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We'd love to help explain how our data deletion works! If you ever want to reach us, don't hesitate to chat with us via the widget at the bottom right or email us at!

We help you fight back:

The internet as we know it is covertly dominated by companies that call themselves "Data Brokers", and spend their time and money collecting as much information about as many people as possible to be able to quickly provide comprehensive details about anyone for the right price. However, these companies are legally bound (in the United States) to comply with requests from an individual to remove any and all information stored in their databases about that individual.

You could do this right now without our help! However, there are a LOT of Data Brokers out there (hundreds!), and the processes for removing the data can be time consuming and complex. As such, we have a custom team of bots and people on standby who are ready to make these requests for you and ensure that your details are removed from these databases -- and stay that way.

Within Cloaked the current process is two-fold:

First, we use your phone number and some additional information to query a litany of data brokers, and find out which data brokers have information about you.

Second, once you subscribe, we go ahead and make requests to each one of these data brokers to ensure that your data is removed from their database.

Why do I need to subscribe?

Unfortunately, as we work tirelessly to protect you from these brokers and their wide nets, they work equally hard to gather information about you. As such, a Cloaked subscription with data deletion accomplishes three main things for those concerned about their information being readily available online:

1. We will routinely monitor these brokerages and constantly stamp out info as they collect it

2. We provide up to 1 million dollars in identity theft insurance and have experts on hand to help you retain your privacy (Chat with us at the bottom right if you have any questions!)

3. With your Cloaked subscription, you get access to a full Cloaked account allowing you to cloak your most important pieces of personal information online and in person. Emails, phone numbers, and (soon) even credit card information can all be masked so you can live your life without fear.

I have more questions

Check out our FAQ document here!


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