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Cloak is Spamming Me! What Happened?

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Getting Spam? No problem!

With Cloaked each website (or service) has its own unique and individual Cloaked Identity which means that only one service or product should have those details. If you start getting spam from an unexpected or different service or company, this could indicate that the website/service you initially signed up for may have had a breach or a data leak, or sold your data without your permission.

What to do if a Cloaked Identity is receiving spam?

You can check out our guide on customizing your Communication Settings to reduce/stop unwanted messages from getting through to your inbox. Best of all these changes can be made easily from the Cloaked App or Cloaked Dashboard.

Our general recommendation for these identities, in order of increasing severity. If the identity is important and spam is low you can start with 1, with 4 for the most expendable identities

  1. Turn off forwarding for text, calls, and email, as applicable

  2. Turn communication settings to "Block All New" for text, calls, and emails as applicable.

  3. Mute the Identity Entirely

  4. Delete the identity



Is an important Identity still spamming? Need a fresh start?

With Cloaked you can create as many new email addresses and phone numbers as you need. So why not start fresh and generate an identity for the service in question? Best of all once you've created the new email address it will be automatically saved in Cloaked ready to be used when you next need it.


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