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Why do some sites reject Cloaked numbers?

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How Cloaked Numbers Work

Whilst Cloaked generates real usable phone numbers to use to protect your identity there will be some websites and services that reject the numbers we generate. This is not an error or fault with your Cloaked account and is a limitation put in place by some sites and services that reject VoIP-based phone numbers from being used.

Websites and services may run checks to see if the number in question has a recognized NPA-NXX block (also referred to as the North American Numbering Plan) that can be matched to an original operating company (AT&T, Verizon, etc) along with checking the Number Portability Administration Center database (NPAC) for information on the service provider.

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Services may also check to see what physical location is associated with the VoIP number being used, as well as the location of your IP address and other details of your web traffic to make decisions about what they will and will not permit you to do. Many services and websites will also have their internal systems and databases which they maintain which can increase complexity in utilizing certain phone numbers to generate accounts.

For more detailed information about how Cloaked Numbers work the following guide covers this: How do Phone Calls and Text Messages Work?

What Cloaked Can Do

If a user or Cloaked discovers a service or site that does not support the numbers we generate, we are in the process of developing our next generation number generation system which will allow for the generation of numbers that aren't just powered by VoIP technology but by eSIM and other technologies!

What You Can Do

If you come across a service or website that is not accepting your Cloaked generated phone numbers we are here to help. You can raise a ticket with Cloaked Support who can let the development teams know that you have encountered a website that doesn't work.

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