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Why can't I verify my phone numbers on some websites?

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Update regarding Google Account Creation and Cloaked Numbers

Last update: 07/10/2024

By default, Cloaked generates US phone numbers using a Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. These are fully functional VoIP numbers that Cloaked allows you to protect your phone number with. However, some websites and apps will only accept phone numbers that rely on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) such as landline numbers and cell phone (mobile) numbers.

So what happens?

For now, Cloaked numbers may simply be rejected by sites like Google. We are currently working on generating a new types of numbers that Cloaked will be able to help you utilize that will not utilize VoIP technology and will appear as traditional cellular or landline numbers.
This update will be rolling out to Cloaked users as part of a future update to Cloaked and will allow Cloaked users to create numbers that will work not only with Google but with other services and websites that have had known issues with VoIP-based numbers.

What other sites are impacted?

While not comprehensive, these sites have been reported by users as providing issues for number verification:

  • Google
  • Telegram
  • eBay
  • Facebook and Instagram (and other Meta Apps)
  • OpenAI
  • Anthropic
  • PayPal
  • OpenTable

If you are aware of others, please chat with us to let us know!

Where can I get the latest updates?

If you are not already a member of the Cloaked Discord Server (you can join here) you can follow us on our various social platforms where we will be releasing updates and news on these updates soon. You should also enable push notifications on the mobile app.

If you need help you are always welcome to open a live chat with the Cloaked Team or drop us an email at

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