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How Cloaked Number Generation Works

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About Cloaked Number Generation

At Cloaked our Number Generator (NG) system is still evolving. Our Number Generator is built for speed however we also have preventative measures to limit potential misuse of the system.

Due to our Zero Knowledge Encryption Architecture, we sometimes need to adjust our algorithm without knowing any user’s individual practices.

To better understand how Cloaked Numbers work and how calls and messages are routed our guide on this can be found here: How do Phone Calls and Text Messages Work?

How Long Do I Own a Cloaked Number?

Our intention is that a number should be yours forever. However, we notice a lot of people use numbers for one-time transactions or one-time use.

So our current way of handling it is that if a number hasn’t been active for 60 days meaning we received no call or text, it is then put into a watch period for 60 days.

During that, if a number has any activity, it is removed from the watch period. And during that process, a user is shown that number as potentially marked for removal. And if after another 60 days, it gets put back into the pool.

Number Locking

When a number is locked between two parties (as represented by the lock icon next to the phone number) that number may get layered with another user, there will be no mistake in routing because if the number is locked it is exclusively between two or more parties or exclusively for that specific business (e.g. Target). If you see the lock icon as "unlocked" that number is not in re-use. We are unable to read any messages as they are encrypted when stored.

Routing which is static code is processing information that is encrypted in transit. This is similar to Proton's "Zero Access Encryption" due to the inability to add client-side encryption to protocols such as Email and SMS.

In order to route locked 2FA messages, static routing code which has been audited, checks for OTP codes in order to route to the right party. After routing has been routed, that data is encrypted with your public key and can only be decrypted by you. This pattern of routing is similar to Proton's access pattern.

If You Are Unable To Generate Numbers

You likely have hit one of the following limits:

  1. Trial limits. If you are on a free trial of Cloaked, there is a limit to the number of phone numbers that you can generate in your trial account. If you are looking to make more, you can subscribe for a full plan.
  2. Daily limits. Some accounts may encounter temporary daily limits in accordance with our bad actor mitigation. If you encounter this, you will need to wait until the next day to be able to generate more phone numbers.

Both of these systems are designed to ensure that users can utilize Cloaked without allowing bad actors to potentially misuse Number Generation.

If you are unable to generate numbers and are acting in line with our Prohibited Use Policy, please reach out to us via chat or so we can resolve this for you.

Numbers not accepted?

If you encounter a website or service that is not accepting Cloaked VoIP numbers this can looked into by Cloaked Support who can raise this with the number generation team.

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