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Why can't I verify my phone numbers for Google?

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When generating a phone number, our system will auto-generate UK numbers to avoid restrictions to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone numbers.

You can learn more about this here: Why does Cloaked generate non-US numbers for some websites?

This guide will provide troubleshooting tips for getting your Cloaked-generated phone numbers to work when creating a Cloaked account.

Update regarding Google Account Creation

Last update: 12/15/2023

We have had reports of users getting blocked after account creation, we recommend users use a UK VPN when connecting to avoid this happening. Cloaked is also investigating alternative approaches including having conversations with Google directly to try to resolve this for our users going forward.

Using a Cloaked number for Google

Google is a site that we know does not accept VoIP numbers, so we generate UK +44 phone numbers. When you autofill these numbers into a Google Account, you may have issues where it assumes that you are inserting a US number. To resolve this issue, you will need to specify the country code using the emoji on the left:

Google UK Number.gif

When you go to use a UK number it may require you to enter the phone number without the international calling code +44 or formatted to include the "+44 " but with a space:

Screenshot 2023-11-04 at 5.02.28 PM.png


Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 10.24.38 AM.png

Please note that the formatting may be a little tricky or inconsistent, as the format sometimes seems to require the country code but other times prefers it omitted. Just keep trying a couple formats as it should work eventually; if not, feel free to reach out directly via chat or! Once you have done so you should be able to create an account without issue.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps:

There have been some reported inconsistencies in the acceptance of generated Cloaked numbers, especially when VPNs are enabled. While issues are usually formatting issues, sometimes you will need to try again without a VPN enabled, or potentially from a desktop device rather than a mobile device. After trying 2 or 3 numbers and making sure to at least generate and try to use one without a VPN, please reach out to or chat with us directly for further assistance.

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