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Cloaked Referrals

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Love Cloaked? Want to share Cloaked with a friend or family member?

The Cloaked Referral Program can help you share Cloaked and get rewarded in the process! 

Best of all you don't need to do anything complex or time-consuming to get rewarded!

Once they've signed up you will both earn a $10 Amazon gift card when your friend subscribes to Cloaked with a monthly plan or a $25 Amazon gift card if they subscribe to a Cloaked annual plan.

Referring via email

From your Cloaked Desktop Dashboard, go to your Username and click Invite a friend. Then enter their email address in the field and press Send invite.

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Referring via a Link

From your Cloaked Desktop Dashboard go to your Username, click Invite a friend. Then click Copy referral link this will copy and unique link to your clipboard. Once copied you can then insert into an email or message.

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Referring via the Cloaked App

Currently, you cannot do referrals via the Cloaked App. If you wish to invite a user to Cloaked it's quick and easy to do so from the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard.

Need further help?

If you are having issues sending an invite or the invitee is having issues using the link they have been sent feel free to reach out to Cloaked Support via live chat or email them directly at

More information regarding Cloaked Referrals Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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