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Alternatives to the Cloaked Extension on Desktop

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Currently, the Cloaked Browser Extension only supports Chromium-based browsers at this time. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you are using a browser that is not currently supported by Cloaked (like Firefox and Safari), the extension is not working, or you cannot log in to the extension. In these situations, you can use the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard to manage and create Cloaked Identities.


  • A Cloaked Account (Trial or Paid Account)
  • Safari or Firefox

Issues with the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard?

If you experience issues with using the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard in your preferred browser of choice you can chat us directly or email us at

Cloaked Desktop Dashboard

Below are some common tasks that you'll undertake whilst using Cloaked in Firefox or Safari. These tasks are normally handled by the Cloaked Extension.

Logging Into An Existing Account

When you have created an identity or want to use existing credentials you can easily jump to the site you wish to use and then can copy the required details from the Cloaked Dashboard into the site you are trying to use.

LoggingInSafari - Made with Clipchamp.gif

Generating A New Cloaked Identity For Account Creation

For more information about generating a new Cloaked Identity see this Video: How to create a new Cloaked Identity via the Dashboard

Filling In Authentication Codes Upon Signup

Upon signing up to some websites you will need to enter a verification code to complete the signup process. These codes will be delivered to your Cloaked Inbox. Your Cloaked Inbox is sorted into three main groups Calls, Emails, and Texts. In this example, we will look for the verification code for Target


Updating Credentials For An Existing Account

If you ever need to update the credentials or information stored in an identity you can easily do this via the Cloaked Dashboard.


When will the extension be available on other browsers?

The team is working on adding many great new features to Cloaked and is working towards adding support for Safari and Firefox in a future update of Cloaked. In the meantime, they are focussing on the Cloaked Extension from Chromium-based browsers.

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