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How to Manage Multiple Identities at once via Dashboard (delete, ignore, move category)

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In the dashboard, you can select multiple identities by clicking the circle icon at the top left:

Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 1.46.03 PM.png

Once you have selected multiple identities in this manner, you can perform the following actions: Delete, Ignore, or Change Category:

Deleting identities en masse:

Deleting Cloaks en masse.gif

This action will delete all selected Identities at once

Ignoring identities:

Ignoring en masse.gif

This action will ignore all selected identities, if any are currently unignored. If all identities are already ignored, this action will unignore all the selected identities.


Moving Categories:

Ignore en masse.gifThis action will place all selected identities into the same category together.

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