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Starting with Cloaked to being a Pro Cloaker

Glen Peacock
Glen Peacock
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This is you before Cloaked

Before Cloaked your personal information is exposed, and easily cross-referenced to get a full understanding of your life online and what you do in your everyday offline life. 

What seems like something inconspicuous can end up with your data being sold, shared, and mishandled. Sometimes even intentionally!

Without Cloaked Background.png

This is you after Cloaked

By simply starting by Cloaking one existing account you easily stop that element of your digital life from being tracked and mined. Reducing spam, keeping cold calls down, and best of all making it easier to track down data leaks or breaches if they happen.

Just by disconnecting this one strand, there is less about you out there. Taking your privacy to the next level with Cloaked.

Cloaked Day 1 Background.png

Trying a new service? Or want to sign up for a service but don't quite trust/or know what your data will be used for? Cloaked can help! Simply create a new Cloaked Identity for OpenAI or that new shop that opened in town. 

Try all the new features and delights without any risk of your privacy being compromised.

Cloaked Beginner Backgroun.png

Being a Cloaked Pro

Finally, as a pro-Cloaker, you have Cloaked all your accounts, old and new. Your personal email and phone number are fully disconnected from your online identities, and you are nearly impossible to hack or breach.

Best of all these identities, account names, passwords, and details are all handled by Cloaked so you can focus on what matters most to you without having to worry about your privacy being at risk.

Cloaked Pro Backgroun.png

And remember, Keep it Cloaked!

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