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Accessing Cloaked Identity Theft Protection

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Sadly Identity Theft happens, it’s how you react that matters! Cloaked is designed to proactively defend against identity theft. However, what if your identity is stolen in a way you didn’t anticipate? That’s where Identity Theft Protection comes in.

What's included in Cloaked Identity Theft Protection?

  • $1 million in Identity Theft coverage
  • Unlimited chat and email support
  • File a claim anytime 24/7 available
  • Live consultation with an expert

How to access Cloaked ID Theft Protection

From within the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard, you can quickly and easily access ID Theft Protection and file a claim.

  1. Login to your Cloaked Account then head to your profile (this will be your username)
  2. In this menu select ID theft protection
  3. Follow the steps to open a claim.

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Cloaked ID Theft Protection Terms and Conditions

Cloaked Identity Theft Insurance only provided during a current, paid subscription offering, and not during the Cloaked free trial. Coverage is limited to U.S. individuals, and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is not separately purchasable and only is provided with paid subscription offering.

To find out more about Cloaked Identity Theft Protection on our website here!

You can also find the full Terms and Conditions or Cloaked ID Theft Protection here!

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