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AutoFill With Cloaked Extension

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Once you have the Cloaked Extension installed in your browser you can use it to autofill any usernames and passwords you may need. Just look for the Cloaked icon next to the field and Cloaked will work its magic.


  • Cloaked Account (Trial or Subscription)
  • Cloaked Extension
  • Chromium-based Browser

Using the Cloaked Extension to AutoFill Existing Identities

When you have the Cloaked Extension installed it will detect the form and allow you to autofill the stored information for that website/service. 


This applies to both Cloaked Generated Identities and imported identities.

Using the Cloaked Extension to Create New Identities

Need to create a new Cloaked Identity for a site? Let the Cloaked Extension automatically detect which website you are using, it'll then prompt you to generate the required details you need all from one place and save them to your Cloaked Account.


The Extension isn't Autofilling on my website!

Sometimes the Cloaked Extension will not be compatible with certain websites due to the way certain fields may or may not be classified. If you encounter this, please let us know!

But you can still use Cloaked to store and create identities and retrieve your login information.

Creating a new Identity:

Need to create a new Cloaked Identity for a site? Simply click on the Cloaked Extension type in the name of the site or service you wish to create a Cloaked Identity for the website you are using, and then generate the required details you need all from one place.


Manually Populating Login Information:

Just go to the site you wish to log in to and search for it in the Cloaked Extension. Then you can copy and paste your stored information into the site you are using.


Using Firefox or Safari?

Currently, the Cloaked Extension is only supported in Chromium-based browsers. If you wish to use Cloaked with Firefox and Safari you can find out more here in our guide covering Alternatives to the Cloaked Extension on Desktop.

Did you know Cloaked can Autofill on mobile as well?

Setting up Autofill on iOS or Android

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