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Why should I generate multiple identities?

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Table of Contents:

1 Why Multiple Identities, each with their own contact information?

2 Safer, and more private

3 Multiple Cloaks give you the power to take action

4 What else can you do with Cloaked Identities?

5 Why not group by categories?

Why Multiple Identities, each with their own contact information?

If you have used other password managers or even other services that generate emails and phone numbers, you may be tempted to create one anonymous phone number, one anonymous email, and simply use that everywhere. While this may seem simpler, it provides much less privacy and anonymity than creating multiple Cloaked identities (a.k.a. multiple "Cloaks"). Similarly, Cloaked has created a suite of tools to make using Cloaks feel just as easy as using one personal phone and email address. In fact, the tools we have created put even more power in your hands.

Safer, and more private:

Online, personal data is rarely (if ever) secure. Between bad actors, data brokers, and data breaches, you should never assume that data you input on a website will not be shared. While using personal information is obviously the most dangerous, using one aliased email and one aliased phone number allows for multiple sites and organizations to triangulate details about you by cross-referencing from multiple sources.


Cloaked allows you to generate unique information for each identity, meaning that breaches or sellers only provide access to data that is fully quarantined from the rest of your digital life.


Beyond that, tailoring specific contact information to specific identities allows you to better understand potential spam or attack vectors. If you get a sudden message about your insurance coverage without Cloaked, you have no real way of assessing the legitimacy. However, if the message is sent to a phone number that you only provided to an online retailer, the answer is obvious - the message was either sent at random or the retailer let your contact information get into the hands of spammers.

Multiple Cloaks give you the power to take action:

If you start receiving spam communications to a given identity, you can do any of the following:

  • Delete the entire identity, removing the ability of anyone (including yourself) to see any relevant communications or contact the identity
  • Mute the identity, ignoring any incoming communications
  • Block incoming communications from anyone who is not a verified contact
  • Turn on or off forwarding from the Cloaked identity to your personal emails and phone numbers

What else can you do with Cloaked Identities?

Create multiple accounts for the same site:

If you use social media, you may already be familiar with the experience of wanting multiple accounts with the same website. There are a myriad of reasons to divide your experience with a given site, especially when the accounts are either public facing or highly personalized. Cloaked can allow you to easily multiple identities to create segmented logins for the same website.


Custom notes for each identity:

The notes facility in the identity settings panel in the dashboard allows secure notes to be added for each identity. Using the search and categorization facilities already described above, one can quickly retrieve notes relevant to the specific site, contact, or app in question. If one wanted to keep notes for specific contacts and sites but used a single identity for them, then keeping notes would not be as easy.



Organization, filtering, and searching:

Cloaked Identities can be categorized for easy grouping: work, personal, contacts, etc.


Similarly, separate identities have separate inboxes, allowing for easy searching for individual communications.


Why not group by categories?

Many people, and many competitors, suggest creating unique emails and phone numbers for a category of interaction (one set for delivery apps, one set for newsletters, etc.). While this will help to protect the privacy of your personal information, it still allows for those organizations to cross-reference data to develop profiles about your, and, more importantly, means that data breaches or misuse are much harder to react to. If you start getting spam texts to your "Delivery App" identity, you won't know what the source of the data breach was and you won't be able to take easy action without ruining your experience with all other apps.

If you have a Cloaked Identity for each Delivery App, you will be able to see which app is the reason you're being spammed, and either block or delete that identity as needed.


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