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Why doesn't Cloaked generate UK (+44) numbers anymore?

Glen Peacock
Glen Peacock
  • Updated

As part of a recent update to Cloaked, the ability to generate +44 UK numbers for select websites and services will no longer be an option within Cloaked. This is due to changes in UK policy/and law which will prohibit Cloaked from continuing to generate these numbers.

This means that services that do not accept our current generation VoIP-based (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers will for the meantime be unable to use Cloaked Numbers.

The Cloaked Team is currently working on the next generation Cloaked Number Generation system that will be able to help you utilize that will not only VoIP technology but will also implement eSIM-based numbers among others.

This update will be rolling out to Cloaked users as part of a future update to Cloaked and will allow Cloaked users to create numbers that will work not only with Google but with other services and websites that have had known issues with VoIP-based numbers.
If you are not already a member of the Cloaked Discord Server (you can join here) you can follow us on our various social platforms where we will be releasing updates and news on these updates soon.

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