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Using Cloaked to: See who's calling with Contacts Sync

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Nothing is worse than getting an unknown caller pop-up on your phone! But fear not with Cloaked you can easily enable Caller ID (Call Identification) and put that fear to rest. Cloaked will show you who's calling so you can easily know who to answer and who can go to voicemail.

Enabling Cloaked Caller ID in iOS

  1. Go to Settings then scroll down to Phone
  2. Once under the Phone Settings scroll till you see Call Blocking & Identification
  3. Toggle to switch next to Cloaked to the On position.

That's it! You've enabled Cloaked Caller ID.

CallerID-iOS - Made with Clipchamp (1) (2).gif

Enabling Cloaked Caller ID in Android

Currently, the Cloaked App for Android cannot be used for Caller ID however this will be introduced in a future update to the Cloaked App for Android.

For all the latest updates regarding the Cloaked App and Cloaked in general follow us on our social platforms or join our Discord server here.

Adding Contacts to Cloaked

Once you've enabled Called ID within iOS and Cloaked you will need to add (or save) contact information for any callers that you are expecting. You can either add someone as a contact when you dial their number or once they've called you you can save their contact information.

Adding a new Contact

Add Contact - Made with Clipchamp (1).gif

Once contacts are added in Cloaked within an identity, it will be automatically synced into your phones contacts!

Why does this matter?

If you answer unknown calls you could expose yourself to all manner of malicious parties or individuals:

  • Fake Insurance or Bank Calls aiming to steal money from you or your business.
  • Phishing and Whaling Attempts to get sensitive or private information from you. 
  • Confirms to the malicious party that the number is indeed valid and there is a user at the other end leading to more malicious or unwanted calls.

What next?

Check out some other of our guides on How to Use Cloaked in our Support Center!


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