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How can I keep my physical address safe?

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When using Cloaked to help protect your identity online you may need to pay for and have an item shipped to you. If you are a privacy-conscious individual you can have items delivered to a PO Box or directly to parcel collection lockers. We may eventually develop a system where we can Cloaked your physical address, but until then, here are our recommendations!

PO Boxes

PO boxes, or Post Office boxes, are lockable boxes with a unique address available for rent at a local post office. People use PO boxes to receive mail away from home for the sake of privacy or convenience. Using a PO Box also ensures that packages and mail are safe at the Post Office and can only be picked up by you or the people you specify.

To use a PO Box you will likely need to pay a small monthly fee to use a PO Box and depending on the physical size of the PO Box you intend to use this fee may be significantly more expensive. 

More details and information about PO Boxes can be found on the USPS website.

Collection/Pick-Up Locations and Lockers

Many services like Amazon have Amazon Hub Counter/Pick Up Location (Lockers) in various locations where you can have your order delivered.

Screenshot 2023-12-18 201601.png

Many parcel (order collection) locations are open late into the evenings as well so provide the ease of knowing that the parcel will be ready and waiting for you.

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