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Cloaked Pay Virtual Cards

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What is a Cloaked Pay Virtual Card?

Cloaked Pay is the front-end privacy and encryption layer for every payment transaction that you make.  By providing a virtual card number (VCN) and user-based controls on each transaction, you take back control of your transactional data with every merchant.  

Cloaked Pay Virtual Card, is an anonymous card with a unique card number, CVV, and expiry date. This can be created through the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard or Cloaked App. Cloaked Pay Virtual Cards do not yet come with a physical card. 

Best of all you are in control of these cards. If you no longer need the card or don't wish for a service to have your card on file you can easily delete it. Stopping any future payments in their tracks and protecting your financial information and health in the process.


How Can I Join Cloaked Pay?

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