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Account Reset - What Happens Next?

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If you have requested an Account Reset (sometimes referred to as a Hard Reset) via Cloaked Support you will now have access to your Cloaked account again.

An account reset is an action that you may take if you forget your password and do not have access to your recovery passphrase (key). These two pieces of information are what is used to unencrypt your sensitive data- without it, access to the data in question will be lost: Cloaked does not have the ability to recover this information.

However, due to our secure encryption, all of your formerly secure data will now be unreadable. This includes usernames, passwords, and any other details that you stored directly in Cloaked. You will still be able to use the emails and phone numbers generated for your identities to reset your passwords on each associated website and service. 

How To Protect Yourself (and Your Account)

The best way to ensure that you do not face this situation and lose your saved Cloaked information is to ensure that you keep your recovery passphrase safe at all times. We have created a guide on our recommended best practices to keep this key safe.

Our Recommendations for Saving and Storing your Recovery Key - (Passphrase)

Added Precautions To Protect Your Account

If you ever find yourself needing to access your Cloaked account on a potentially insecure device or computer we have compiled a short article on how best to protect yourself and your account. This guide can be found here.

What should I do if I need to login to Cloaked on an insecure device?

Other recommendations: enabling 2FA

Setting Up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) to secure your Cloaked Account

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