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Why does Cloaked generate non-US numbers for some websites?

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By default, Cloaked generates US phone numbers using a Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. These are fully functional VoIP numbers that Cloaked allows you to protect your phone number with. However, some websites and apps will only accept phone numbers that rely on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) such as landline numbers and cell phone (mobile) numbers.
For websites and apps that are known not to recognize US VoIP numbers, Cloaked generates a number beginning with +44, the country code for the United Kingdom. These sites include,, LinkedIn, and others. You may need to take this action for a site like Telegram or any others that have evolving security systems.

If you encounter a website that does not accept your Cloaked US VoIP numbers, please reach out to us so we can set it to generate UK numbers instead!

Generating +44 Numbers In Cloaked Desktop Dashboard

If you need to generate British numbers beginning with +44 on command, you can set the Cloaked website to, or any similar website that relies on PSTN.

When you select one of these sites/services that require a +44 number to be generated Cloaked will automatically do so as seen in the example below:

Recording 2023-11-30 161117+44.gif

Generating +44 Numbers In Cloaked App

There are two ways of generating +44 numbers within the Cloaked app and are listed below:

1. Generate a field other than the phone number, change the name, and then generate the phone number.


2. Generate the phone number, change the name, and then regenerate either in the create screen or the identity screen.


Next Steps After Generating +44 Numbers

Once a Cloak has this website assigned to it, generating or regenerating a Cloaked number will yield you a +44 British number that can be utilized for verification. The number has been generated, you can change the website back to the applicable website or app for which you intend to use the Cloak.

Some websites when you go to use a British number will require you to enter the phone number without the international calling code +44 and instead require it to be entered as a local number starting with a zero (0) or without any international code.

If you are having issues entering your +44 UK phone number, please find some troubleshooting steps here: Why can't I verify my phone numbers for Google?

Still, having issues?

Some websites will also have restrictions and limitations in place which prevent them from accepting VoIP-based numbers. If you believe you have encountered a website like this you can reach out to Cloaked Support via our Live Chat or email us at where the Cloaked team will be able to investigate further and potentially be able to find a solution to this.

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