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Frequently Asked Questions about Autofill

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Autofill is a powerful tool to allow you to instantaneously fill in your credentials at the click of a button. Here are some questions we tend to get about it!

Is Autofill available on Mobile?

Yes! To enable it, please follow these steps:

Autofill mobile.gif

Once you have done so, you can autofill via mobile:

autofill in action.gif


The extension is trying to autofill the wrong box! What do I do?

If the extension is prompting to either autofill or generate an entry field that is not appropriate, you can turn off the prompts for either that field or the entire site:

Turn off extension.gif

How can I add personal information? (names, addresses, credit cards etc.)

Personal information can be added in Settings --> Personal Information:

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 9.25.11 AM.png

Once added, it will be available to auto-fill in relevant entry fields.

Why can't I add a prefix to the url (subdomain)?

TL;DR: Autofill will function for all subdomains of a given domain

When adding identities for specific sites, Cloaked will try to assume the url that is appropriate for that identity as the site that will be utilized for autofill. If you create an identity called OpenAI, the url will automatically be populated as

However, you might notice that when utilizing OpenAI, you are more likely to use, which in which the site uses a specific prefix, commonly called a subdomain, as the text between the https:// and the If you are encountering issues with autofill, you may be tempted to change the subdomain, but cannot:


This is intentional: the Cloaked autofill function will autofill all subdomains of a given site, regardless of subdomain. If you are experiencing autofill issues outside of that, please reach out at as your issue is likely a different one.

I can't find an identity as an option!

The Extension will only search for identities that have the specific field populated. If the identity your looking for does not have an email associated, it will not pop up as an option when clicking an email field and cannot populate an email:


Similarly, the extension currently assigns each field on the website to one field internally, which can cause you to ask:

Can I add multiple URLs to one identity?

Yep! The guide can be found here: Using An Identity on Multiple Sites

I can't populate a multi-option field!

If a field is designed to accept multiple options (ie, username, email, or phone), the extension will only be able to auto-fill one of those 3 identities. This is because the extension currently assigns each field on the website to one field internally.

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