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Common Questions about Privacy and Security

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Please find our linked FAQs about Cloaked Privacy and Security.

For more formal details, please feel free to reference our Privacy Policy at for information regarding Cloaked Security details can be found at

For Cloaked Terms of Service, these can be found at

If I give Cloaked all my data, what’s to stop them from selling it or giving it away?

Due to our end-to-end encrypted back-end, Cloaked cannot monitor or even access your data directly. You have the keys, you control your data. Specifically, your password functions as the encryption key, and is hashed in our systems.

Where are you located?

Cloaked is headquartered in the United States.

Does Cloaked function as a Time-based One-Time Password authenticator?

Yes it does! Along with its other identity and payment cloaking attributes, Cloaked can also be utilized as an authenticator for any sites that utilize TOTP authentication.

Can I use MFA to login to Cloaked?

Yes. We currently offer MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for logging into Cloaked with email and SMS. We will be adding functionality for TOTP and security keys soon!

My privacy has already been compromised! Can Cloaked help?

Most companies have become accustomed to collecting all our data. While we may not be able to delete that privately held information, replacing your personal data with Cloaked data will go a long way in repairing your digital and personal privacy. If your email accounts or phone numbers have been compromised, we can create emails and phone numbers for you that are safely cloaked, and do not continue to bleed your “real” identity around the internet. 

AutoCloaking is an easy-to-use feature that helps upgrade your existing login information (like emails and passwords) on various websites to more secure cloaked versions through our Chrome extension. It automatically logs in to websites, creates new secure login details, and saves them in your Cloaked account. With AutoCloaking, you can be at peace knowing your online information is stronger and more secure. To find out more about AutoCloaking here.

What if I am unable to access my account?

By default, you will need access to your username and password to access your account. If you forget either of these details, you will need your recovery key (received at sign-up) to regain access to your username or reset your password.

I am locked out - How do I find my recovery key?

How can I secure my Cloaked Account?

To help secure your Cloaked account we recommend that you enable 2FA on your Cloaked account. This will require a code to be entered upon logging into a new device or computer for the first time. 2FA codes can be currently sent to a verified email address or as an SMS message. 

You can also enable biometrics (FaceID and similar) on the Cloaked app which will require you to authenticate using biometrics before entering the the app. Biometrics can also be used to authenticate your account if you need to download your Cloaked Recovery Key. To find out more about downloading your recovery kit here.

More information on Cloaked Security?

Additional information about Cloaked Security and the technologies and standards we use to keep Cloaked safe and secure can be found on our main website here.

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