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What happens if I stop paying for my account or cancel my subscription?

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What happens if I stop paying for Cloaked?

If you stop paying for your account, we will not automatically delete your account or your data. You will still be able to log in and access all the data in your account as long as you have your password or recovery key.

However, without a valid subscription, your account will be in a read-only state. You will not be able to create new identities, new communications, or new data.

Can I resubscribe after canceling Cloaked?

Yes, you can resubscribe at any time. This will resume the active status of your account and allow you to use all of Cloaked's core functions with your existing account.

You can either resubscribe via the Cloaked Desktop Dashboard via Stripe or through the Cloaked App. More information on this can be found here: Upgrading/Activating a Cloaked Subscription in Dashboard and App

I've canceled and I want to delete my Cloaked Account

If you've cancelled your Cloaked Subscription and wish to delete your Cloaked account you can find out how to do so in this guide here: How Do I Delete My Cloaked Account?

Note: If you choose to delete your Cloaked account this is PERMANENT! Cloaked Support nor Cloaked Staff will be able to restore your account or any of the information that was contained within.

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