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I am locked out - How do I find my recovery key?

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You should have saved on the device where you created your Cloaked account a PDF file containing a recovery key. If you created your account recently or have logged in recently, you will have a single recovery passphrase that can be used to reset your password in conjunction with either your username or a verified recovery email address.

When this key was generated, you would have been prompted to download this file locally and it will likely appear as a PDF with the default file name containing either "Recovery-PassPhrase" or “cloaked-recoverykey”.

More recent recovery passphrase recovery files will contain your username at the start followed by the words key_cloaked. An example of this would be "yourusername_key_cloaked.pdf".

If you created your account a long time ago and have not logged in recently, you may have a collection of 3 secret keys in a similar PDF. While these may potentially be out of date, if you have not used your account for a long time they may be the most current keys available. They would likely appear on your computer under the default file name: "Secret-Key".


If you are able to locate your recovery key or current secret keys, you should be able to reset your password by clicking “forgot password” and following the instructions provided. If you cannot find your key or it does not appear to be working, please provide your username and recovery email address so we can best support you after investigating the status of your account.


Your Cloaked data is encrypted with a private key system that only allows 2 keys to open up the encryption: your Password or your Recovery Key. If you do not have your Password, your recovery key will be the only tool that you can use to access your account.

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