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How to Download Your Recovery Key (Passphrase/Kit)

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This article will guide you through how to find and download the recovery passphrase on the Cloaked Dashboard and via the Cloaked App

Why is downloading your Recovery Key is important?

Your Cloaked Recovery Key (Passphrase/Kit) is important as this is the only key that will allow you to reset your password or recover your Cloaked username without incurring data loss. 

Failure to download this will result in the loss of data within your Cloaked Account if you have a hard reset performed on your account.

Cloaked Support has no ability or tools to recover any data that is lost due to not having your recovery key.

Downloading your recovery key (passphrase) via the Cloaked Dashboard

Step one:
Head over to the dashboard by logging in at
Once logged into your account, select 'Account and Settings' from the bottom of the left-side menu. Here.gif
Step two:
1. Select 'Account recovery'
2. Select 'Download Recovery Passphrase
3. Enter your master password into the entry box and select 'Download recovery passphrase'
Note: Your 'Master Password' is the password you use to login to Cloaked
Cloaked - gif.gif
Step three:
Once you have entered your master password (login password), the PDF file will download to your system containing your Recovery Passphrase. 
Here (1).gifStep four:
Ensure that you keep your recovery passphrase somewhere safe!

This is extremely important should you ever forget your password or username so, you might want to make backup copies. Creating and saving your passphrase is the last line of security in order to re-enter your account should passwords be lost. 


Downloading your recovery key (passphrase) via the Cloaked App

Step one:

Once you open your Cloaked app on your device, go to Settings

Step two:

Go to Account Settings, select 'Download recovery kit', then enter your Dashboard password.
Note: this password is the one you use to login to Cloaked.

Step three:

Tap on 'Download recovery kit', and the app will generate a PDF containing your recovery key.

Step four:

You can save this key to the Files app on the iPhone otherwise you can export/save it to a different app or location. These steps will also apply to Android as well.

If you need to download the key again you can select 'Download again'.

Note: If you have Biometrics enabled in your Cloaked account you can also use this to authorize the download of your Cloaked Recovery Key via the Cloaked App without having to enter your Cloaked Account password.

Storing your recovery key (passphrase)

Once you have downloaded your recovery key (passphrase) you should make sure that you have a copy saved securely in the event that you need to regain access to your account. We have a short guide on our recommendation for doing this. Which can be found at the link below.

Our Recommendations for Saving and Storing your Recovery Key - (Passphrase)



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