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How Do I Modify and Fix The CSV File When Importing Passwords Into Cloaked?

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When importing logins from another password manager into Cloaked using the Password Manager Importer, it's essential to have the correct fields in your CSV file to ensure a successful import. This article will explain the necessary fields, recommended fields, and how to handle other non-essential fields during the import process.


Can I Create My Own CSV?

Absolutely! To help you create a correctly formatted CSV file for importing into Cloaked, we've provided a sample CSV file you can use as a reference. Click the link to download the sample file: Download Sample CSV File

After preparing your CSV file with the correct fields, you can proceed with importing it into Cloaked using the Password Manager Importer.


Essential Fields

The following fields are essential for a successful import. Your CSV file must include at least these two fields:

  1. name: The name of the login, usually the service or website.
  2. password: The password associated with the login.

As well as one of the following:

  1. username: The username associated with the login.
  2. email: The email address associated with the login.
  3. phone: The phone number associated with the login.


Recommended Fields

While not essential, the following fields are recommended to help you better organize and use your logins within Cloaked:

  1. url: The URL of the service or website associated with the login.
  2. favorite: Indicates if the login is marked as a favorite (TRUE for favorite, FALSE for not a favorite).
  3. notes: Any additional notes or information associated with the login.


Handling Non-Essential Fields

Your CSV file may contain other fields not mentioned above. During the label mapping step of the password import flow, you have two options for handling these non-essential fields:

  1. Add to notes: This option will automatically append the data from the non-essential field to the notes field on the identity.
  2. Ignore: This option will exclude the non-essential field from the import process, and the data will not be imported into Cloaked.

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