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What Does Cloaked Do?

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Table of Contents:

1 What is Cloaked?

2 Why should you get Cloaked?

3 How do identities work?

4 Receiving Emails, Messages, and Calls

5 Your New Password Manager Too

What is Cloaked?

Cloaked is a consumer privacy platform that empowers you to never have to give out your personal information again, while allowing you to interact with the digital and real world as you normally do. We make this extremely easy by enabling users to create unique identities in moments via our web dashboard, browser extension, and mobile app. This allows YOU to control the flow of your communication with websites, businesses, and people; because it should be you if something or someone can contact you.

Why should you get cloaked?

Right now, for many of us on the internet and in real life, we are constantly asked to provide our personal information. In a world increasingly focused on personalization, connections, and data collection, many of us have become accustomed to simply giving out our contact information at a moments notice. For many of us alternatives are confusing, complex, or unobtainable and we have resigned ourselves to living without much privacy. Cloaked is your pathway for reclaiming your privacy.


How do identities work?

At Cloaked, we put that power back in to your hands that allow you to create identities with entirely anonymous contact information. With these identities, you can share contact information with organizations or people, one or many. With Cloaked, you can use a litany of tools to streamline your interactions with these contacts in your normal way but with an extra layer of protection that allows you to understand who is contacting you, how they are contacting you, and give you all the power to control that relationship.


The unique email addresses and phone numbers which you generate with Cloaked are fully functional and can be used for as long as you want. Each time you sign up for something or give your details to someone, you can create a new identity and give those details. By giving different contact details to each something or someone, you are able to control the communication that you receive from each of them on an individual level. So if one identity gets spammed, or you just don’t want to hear from that something or that someone anymore, then Cloaked gives you the control to stop it by muting or deleting that single identity.

Receiving Emails, Messages, and Calls

To make protecting your identity fit into your life as seamlessly as possible, you can also choose to have incoming emails, text messages, and calls, forwarded to your personal email client (such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail), text messaging app, and phone respectively. And the best bit about this is that if you reply to a forwarded message, it will always be delivered from your Cloaked identity and will never reveal your personal email or phone number that you have used to reply.

Learn more: How to Choose Email and Phone Notifications & Forwarding.

Your New Password Manager Too

Lastly, Cloaked is your password manager. It will automatically fill in your login information when you visit websites that you have registered with. If you have not yet generated an account for that website, Cloaked can instantly generate a new identity with accompanying login credentials that you can use forever going forward. And of course, you can also import your existing login information from other password managers and Cloaked will fill them in too.

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